Artist Spotlight Interview - Dax & Atragun


The new release from Dax & Atragun dubbed "Color Of Our Love" is a dance pop masterpiece and has all the radio friendly tendencies you would want. 

The song features a dance back bone and ambient synths as smooth R&B vocals brighten the track throughout its course. 

"Color Of Our Love" has all the makings of a song you can get up and dance to. You can easily here this track in the club as the night goes on. 

This track touches on an atmospheric and colorful style of pop that feels familiar but breathes a fresh twist. 

With several singles and EP's under their belt, Dax & Atragun have been making waves in the music community and we wanted to ask them a  few questions about how this all came to be. 

So we did just that. 

RAG: Okay guys, let's start with "Color Of Our Love". This track was a great pop song and incorporated some atmospheric tones. Where did this come from?


D&A: The track is about an unobtainable love that we al have faced in our lives. Even when the person is either right or not right for you. The music behind it started out as an instrumental and we came across Isaac Bradley the featured singer and lyric writer along with co writter Chris Stanz. We met through a platform called repost exchange.  

RAG: Going through your catalog of releases, I can hear what sounds like an evolution in your songwriting, What artists or bands would you say are your biggest influences musically?

D&A: Are influences are daft punk, Martin Garrix Armin Van Biden, Above and Beyond, Deadmau5, Croatia Squad and Duke Dumont due to the facts they are not afraid to experiment and try different things as producers.


RAG: You have been professionally releasing records since 2015. Would you say you are most proud of  "Color Of Our Love"?

D&A: Color of our love we are very proud of but we are also proud of bliss. The pandemic has been hard on all of us and seeing that we had a resurgence on Spotify and finding néw fans only motivates us to keep going


RAG: Did you guys used to perform live? If so, do you think you'll be getting back to that when the time comes? 

D&A: We did used to perform live but however due to the pandemic sadly everything is shut down. Once things are back to normal and we have some more new music and things are safe we will gladly be back with some new things to add to our live show.

RAG: You're gaining traction and already have over 1k followers on Spotify alone! What sort of advice would you give to other aspiring artists trying to get heard? 

D&A: The Spotify resurgence for us has been incredible seeing bliss hit 80k streams and color of our love hit 70k streams really inspired us to push forward.  Not to mention to all the amazing tik tok influencers, Conor shugart, Kepler, Valley Latini, and Rita for doing incredible videos to our song Color of our love. We are truly in debt to all of our amazing fans. Through this crazy time seeing text messages, ig messages and support on our music only brought so much positivity to us facing this crazy unpredictable time. Thank you also to music artists anonymous and the amazing Spotify curators as well for helping to spreads our music as well. I also recommend to  new emerging artists to check out repost exchange, LUM a new music app for artists that does pay virtual currency, sound plate, daily playlists for music promotion these tools helped us and sure it could help you.


RAG: What's next for Dax & Atragun? Anything new in the works even now? 

D&A: We will have some new tracks, remixes coming in 2021. We also have big secret plans in 2021 that will be a big step for us.

RAG: What do guys like you do when you're NOT working on music?


D&A: While we are not working on music we are either working at our day jobs and or hanging out watching movies socially distanced movies with friends of course in this new weird world. 

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