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With the release of the Streetlights EP, Daniel and the Sparrows takes a new approach to blending genres to create something all its own. Laced with character, an edgy and colorful undertone, and plenty of hooks, the record boasts the aesthetic of pop-rock anthems. 


The first single and title track "Streetlights" grabs you with powerful vocals and a cinematic groove that all becomes infectious.


"I wrote Streetlights after a night drive into the corn fields of Illinois. I reflected on how my headlights only illuminated what I needed to see - nothing more. I realized it was a lot like my life. It was like I was driving through dark fields, unsure of what was hidden in the shadows. But I had faith that my God who sees all was in control, and that the fact that I was lost/unsure of where I was, was insignificant because of that.” explains the songwriter Daniel Lim of his single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the EP, to get a full understanding of where Daniel and the Sparrows is really coming from, the EP should be heard in its entirety. 


“My sound is always evolving! It's hard to pin down my genre most of the time. I used to lean very heavily on my prowess on the acoustic guitar, but I've recently started to embrace the electric Guitar and synth sounds a little more.” says the artist of creating his sound.


Daniel and the Sparrows is the brainchild of songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Lim who began his musical journey playing guitar as a result of his youth group in Singapore looking for instrumentalists. 


It was a very short time before he fell in love with the instrument and music in general and soon after it all became a more serious passion for Lim. 


After leaving Singapore, Lim joined Logos Hope (a ship that sails around the world selling books) for a few years and during this period the artist met his wife and undertook a 3-month program in Italy where he learned what it meant to be an artist in the Kingdom of God. It was there he found his spiritual calling into full time music and ministry.


It was in the Northern Alps of Italy where he coined the moniker Daniel and the Sparrows for his musical endeavor. 


Since then, Lim has also been writing in Christian organizations for years. 


The Streetlights EP is available on most major digital outlets for streaming and download and Shama is already putting together new ideas for upcoming releases.


To learn more of Daniel and the Sparrows please visit: Daniel and the Sparrows

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