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D.EPiC Speaks Out And We Should All Be Listening

D.EPiC has an important message about the role we play with today's youth with "Rise Up". 

A very conscious rap track that musically and vocally grows more intense as the subject matter does. 

This is an epic song with a lot to say and a real passion behind its creation. 

It's not too often you hear a song with such a straight forward way of portraying such an important subject matter and all performed with a realness that's hard to follow up. 

D.EPiC has no problem articulating his words into an ingenious and seemingly endless flow that gets you hooked. 

We've all talked about it. Especially those of us with kids. This is incredibly relatable to our generation of grown adults coping with how are kids are being raised. 

Taking on the times is a tough thing for some of us. Or really for all of us and D.EPiC spins so much into this one track that it's beyond worth a spin. 

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