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Britta doesn't hold back when it comes to belting and she does it well as the record plays out. Songs get cinematic and create an atmosphere of depth and the album ends of taking on a life all its own. 


A flurry of massive guitar work and deep rooted basslines along with Britta's particular style of singing can sound angelic at times, and edgy at other times.


This is a full album that takes you through different styles and even emotions as you listen. 


With such an addictive piece of work, we wanted to sit down with Britta to talk about where this all came from. 


RAG: So Britta, let's start with "Sebago Lumbago". This is a very poppy track that holds true to some 90's alt-pop styles. Where did this song come from?


Britta: The song was crafted around the guitar hook, which MAY have been informed by some early Genesis that I remember hearing on one of my favorite radio stations I get out of Spain (I subsequently went down an early Genesis rabbit hole, much to the chagrin of my family!). I’ve also always loved the strings on The Rolling Stones song « Moonlight Mile » (I remember reading that Carly Simon did too). So I tried to somehow incorporate them  into the chorus. The subject matter a dream I had about seeing Abraham Lincoln’s glowing head at the bottom of Sebago Lake in Maine (dreams, man!). My extended family has a camp there. One of the cabins-« The Upper Cabin » was falling apart, and it had pine needles and termites all over it and nobody wanted to sleep in it. I guess the song has elements of being left with the job of cleaning the upper cabin which was never fun.


RAG: I'm hearing some great vocal power in your singing. Who are your absolute biggest influences in music? Who really changed you? 


Britta: I’ve always been a fan of The Small Faces. Steve Marriott was a real powerhouse. I don’t know if I have the same lung power he did, but if I pretend I do, well that helps.


RAG: How long have you been doing this? How did this start for you?


Britta: Writing music, I’d say twenty plus years, with or without other musicians. But as a kid I spent hours in my parents’ basement listening to records, making instruments, rigging acoustic guitars with a pair of headphones that acted as a pickup....trying to record my own versions of songs with my mom screaming « Supper!! » in the background. My grandfather was a jazz musician. My mother used to be a dancer  (still is, actually). Music has always been a stabilizer for me.


RAG: Will you be performing live when the time comes? Is that something you used to do?


Britta: I did perform live with groups in Austin, Texas and Portland, Maine. Currently, I have another project with two other women (Émilienne Breban, who is French and Lenka Polásková who is Czech). We’re called Trio BLÉ- BLÉ for Britta Lenka Émilienne. We sing a lot of covers in three part harmony. It’s really fun and takes singing and performing to another level. Three part harmony is a completely different instrument. We sing songs in French, Czech,  and we’re learning some songs in Basque and Georgian as well. We do sing a couple of my songs and they sound great with three part harmonies. We rehearse and perform as much as we can under the circumstances. As for the rest of the material, I do hope to find a group of musicians here who would be willing to help make my crazy world of songs a reality. I have a few people in mind. 


RAG: What does someone like you actually do when you're not working on music?


Britta: Four years ago, my family and I moved to the Basque Region of France. I have school aged kids. The transition was a bit rough at first, but they’ve managed to settle in well. In addition to being in the wings for the kids, my husband and I run a couple of family owned AirBNBs. You should come visit some time! 


RAG: What's next for you? Anything new in the works even now?


Britta: Oh yes! I have a whole album’s (or two) worth of material. But now we’re back in strict confinement. Which is fine, because there may be homeschooling on the horizon again.


RAG: "Sebago Lumbago" is just one song from your album Latitude Bera. Are you particularly proud of this album? Did it take you long to create?


Britta: Yes. I’m really excited about this album. It’s a lot different than my first solo album «Backyards that weren’t there before ». That seemed more acoustic, and there were way more musicians involved. Songs from Latitude Bera were all written on my iPad and they were all very raw. I was worried I would never find someone to help give the songs the technical reworking they needed, until I met sound engineer, Laurent Thirion who happened to be my neighbor! We worked well together. We heard a lot of the same things. I also drove him crazy with a lot of my harebrained ideas, but ultimately he was very receptive and patient.


RAG: Before we go, is there anything you'd like to say fans of your music? 


Britta: Stay healthy and stay tuned! 

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