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Byland  just released a mammoth indie-pop record dripping with dreamscapes and immeasurable instrumental melodies and changes, and a trip into your own psyche. 

Strings are laid out and flow across the span of the new Gray album and the record is vocally just as flowing. All of these songs puts you in a trance and you can't help but think about things in your life. This is a thinking album that's perfect for a very long drive or even walk so that you can focus on the music only and let it move you the way it was meant to.

Emotionally packed to the brim and brutally honest, Gray has moments of intense pinnacles and realizations both musically and lyrically. 

Most songs give the feeling of laying in bed somewhere between dream and waking. Afloat in your own head for what feels like mere moments but really it's been minutes. 

Incredibly picturesque and alluring, songwriter Alie Renee has reached deep down in herself to make this record and it's felt in every single song. 

Byland just put out one of the most impressive indie releases we've heard all year. 

Gray is an must hear.