Artist Spotlight Interview - Bloom Phase


Bloom Phase pops off with a colorful electro synth-wave record that scopes styles from 2000's euro-dance to vintage alt-pop all in one mega album entitled Rise Rule Fall. 

A massive cinescape of a work, the record boasts some intense energy and polished yet fun production as it unravels. 

A neon-lit future drive into a star filled night sky, Rise Rule Fall has all the arcade synths and smashing kicks with melodic vocals overlaying. 

We sat down with Bloom Phase to find out as much as we could about the album. 

RAG: So let's start with the Rise Rule Fall album. This is a release full of life, energy, some outlandish beats and amazing synth work. Where did this album come from?


Bloom Phase: Hey thanks, that's super nice to hear! My love for music is a big ol sloshing blob of different experiences. I love everything from getting knocked on my ass at metal shows, dancing with random people at tiny desert raves, jumping around like a crazy person in a sea of thousands of people at music festivals, or relaxing in a coffee shop to some acoustic jams. I really wanted to take all of these different types of energy and pour everything into one album.

RAG: There are a ton of great styles of pop in this album. You clearly take your time on the production side of things. How do you write the songs? Is it all beat work first? Lyrics first? What's your process?

Bloom Phase: It's random madness! I actually recently realized that my random madness IS my process, so here we are. I usually find myself aimlessly jamming and then my fingers will just happen to spit out something really great, so I'll make a quick loop of that. I might start singing over that melody, no words in mind, just making junk up on the fly, and then I'll get into a groove and a few words will really click with me, so I'll sing those words probably 100 times in a row, slightly varying how I say each word, or maybe changing a few words here and there. Next I'll go back and change the melody, or tap out a new beat, and that new element will in turn inspire me to sing some new words. So it's just this big blob of ever evolving notes and sounds, next thing I know, I'm starving because 6 hours have gone by, and I have a chorus, or a couple different verses recorded. It's probably not healthy but I like it haha.

RAG: How about your influences.  What bands or artists really changed you and influenced you musically?

Bloom Phase:  You know what's crazy? Being influenced by silence. But if you think about it, a tiny moment of silence in a song can have a massive impact on the listener. How crazy is that? I try to keep that stuff in mind when I'm making music, basically just trying to remember that my own small life experiences can give me a unique view and possibly help me create something exciting and impactful. I'm also a big fan of Chilly Gonzales. This guy can throw down on the piano and makes some really beautiful music, but he also has some excellent collaborations with artists like Boys Noize, and I get the sense that he still makes a lot of music for himself which is always refreshing, so I try to keep that attitude in mind. 

RAG: I'm curious to know about live performances. Did you play shows before and will you be doing so again when the time comes? 

Bloom Phase: I 100% make music for the purpose of playing it live. I love playing shows, I love attending shows, I love being one little dot in a crowd and feeling that energy, I miss it all a lot. I can picture playing every single song on my album in a live setting, and I am extremely excited for when it's safe to get out there and do it. 

RAG: What does someone like you do when you're not really working on music?

Bloom Phase: I really like photography and videography. Anyone who follows my on the ol Instagram has probably seen plenty of very strange videos because whenever I get bored I tend to make a quick song and record a nonsensical video to go along with it.

RAG: What's next for you? Are you working on new stuff even now? 

Bloom Phase: I'm currently finishing up a new three song EP that I'm really excited about, and will hopefully be out early next year. I'm continuing my efforts to bridge the gap between different types of electronic music, so with this one I'm trying to combine a more chill pop friendly indie-dance song, with a couple of more slow burning songs that lean more towards...I don't know, some combination of piano and techno with vocals on top haha. I'm trying to let myself explore a bit more with this EP so it has been a really fun process. 

RAG: Do you have any feedback or advice to other artists out there trying to get heard?

Bloom Phase: That's the big question isn't it? I only have one piece of advice that I honestly believe in and have seen work for someone with literally no following or a very small following (me). Show up. It's different now because we're all stuck inside and there aren't any shows to go to. But when this pandemic is over, just pick some local shows that interest you, or are relatively similar to the music you make, and just show up, even if it's by yourself. You'll meet bands who are playing the shows you want to play, fans of the bands who could become your fans, and if they're small enough shows, you'll quickly meet all of the normal promoters. The simple act of putting yourself in that space, showing support for your local music community, and being willing to meet new people and talk about music can pretty easily lead to getting booked for a new show, or maybe pointed in the direction of who might book you. This can even work now, find some live streams that some groups are doing, watch them for a while, comment on the music and just be generally supportive. You'll probably end up connecting with the musicians or promoters and maybe you can play the next live stream too.

RAG: Before we go, what would you like to say to your fans?

Bloom Phase: I've been really lucky to hear a good amount of positive feedback about this album, and honestly it just makes me insanely happy to see and hear people connecting to it. So I just want to say thanks to everyone who has listened to my music, it means the world to me, and I hope that we can drown a room in low frequencies together sometime soon!

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