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The latest single from  Beau Dega dubbed "It's Luv" is an indie pop masterpiece that borders on dream rock as its synth pads swoosh through the song creating a neo-futuristic soundscape while it's 90's fuzz rock tone stays true to heart. 

The song gives you the feeling you get as you wake from a dream and slowly open your eyes in the morning. 

Soothing vocals ring out as you lay there afloat and staring at the sky. 

There is most certainly some real alternative an classic rock aesthetic happening throughout its course but one of the coolest things about "It's Luv" is that by the end of the song you've been washed away by it and don't even realize it until it stops. 

Of course we had to have a talk with the artist to find out about this song, his influences, and more.  

RAG: So let's start with "It's Luv". This is a bright and smooth track that feels very personal. Where did this song come from?

Beau Dega: "It's Luv" was written when I first moved back to my hometown of Norwalk CT. I felt very alone, I had just released my first solo album, Sleeping Alone, and I wanted to make something that was similar to another one of my songs on that album called Hypnagogia. It has that smooth sound but it's a little rougher around the edges because I did that whole album on tape. In a lot of ways it's like an extension of that song, kind of about longing for somebody or something no matter how long it takes.


RAG: The single really swells musically and grows more intense as it plays on. How do you write your songs? Is it melody first? Lyrics first? What is your process?

Beau Dega: I have a few different ways of going about it. It's Luv was written stream of conscious, I basically just put my hands on my guitar and kept strumming until something felt right and then the lyrics just came out. I record everything and then transcribe it later, for some songs the melody comes first, for this song it was definitely chords first, then melody, then lyrics. I wrote the first half late at night and then the second half when it builds towards that climax was written when I was performing. I knew I didn't have an ending for the song so instead of just ending there I wanted to build up tension, honestly because when I perform it's just me on stage and I needed something to make the song really stand out from just being another quiet ballad of mine. Luckily that performance was recorded and I built on it for the finished version.


RAG: I'm hearing some indie rock influences in the song and wanted to  know, what are your top influences musically? Who really made a difference to you?

Beau Dega: This may be a bit surprising but I actually don't listen to much indie rock at all. Usually I only find out about indie bands when people compare me to them and this is mostly because I stopped reading music blogs a while ago cause I felt it was influencing how I wrote in a way that I wasn't actually being authentic to myself. My big influences are all over the place, I always give the deserted island answer where it's like okay if I could only listen to these artists forever it would be The Beatles, Erykah Badu, My Bloody Valentine, Fiona Apple and Prince. For this song in specific I was listening to "I Cant Stand the Rain" by Ann Peebles a lot, I kind of reference it a little with the first little tom note that's through the first half of the song, I don't think anybody would ever connect the two but it's a little Easter egg for myself.


RAG: How did all of this start for you? Writing music. 

Beau Dega: I started writing music October 30th 2005. That was when I basically lied my way into a little punky garage band. The lie was that I said I could sing and play guitar and all these instruments but in reality my only singing experience was from some local community theatre and I owned an acoustic guitar that I wanted to play but I had no idea what I was doing and it more or less collected dust until I joined the band. From there it was like okay we need to write some songs, now I never wrote anything leading up to that, I don't think I ever even read the lyrics of any songs yet. I was in 8th grade and I mostly
listened to Hip Hop, R&B and video game music, and then I saw some friends performing at the local skate park and was like whoa I wish I could do that.


RAG: Do you do most of this yourself  or do you have a band behind you? Also, are you going to be playing live shows when the time comes?

Beau Dega: I do it all completely alone. I was only in that garage band for maybe 3 months and then I was like well I'm gonna get a cheap tape recorder and make music by myself. I started reading all these books on recording techniques and took a course at a local studio and that's about it. It all came out of necessity, I only played guitar and then one by one I started playing more, sometimes there's a benefit of being an outcast cause there's lots of free time alone to learn. I would love to have a band and perform once it becomes an option, I really like playing with other people, for the most part I hate performing alone because there's so much pressure.


RAG: What's coming next for you as an artist? Anything in the works even now?

Beau Dega: Next for me is I'm releasing my next album called Holy Cannoli on November 13th. Other than that I'm still working on the songs that didn't make it on to the album and writing new ones. I average around 2 or 3 new songs a week when I'm really going. Then it becomes an editing process and then I start building the tracks up when I record them for an album.

RAG: So, what's a guy like you do when you're not writing and recording music?

Beau Dega: I honestly used to just work and make music but now I have hobbies haha. I read comics, watch a lot of movies and occasionally I'll play some video games on my switch. I also love to cook so I'm always learning new recipes and stuff.


RAG: It's not hard to see your fan base is growing. Is there anything you'd  like to express or say to fans of your music?

Beau Dega: I'd just like to say thank you to really anybody who takes the time out of their day to listen to my music. It's something that has always been a dream of mine and I'm really glad I didn't quit cause now I'm starting to get some feedback for the first time. That's probably the biggest thing I'd say to any creatives, don't give up cause eventually an audience will find your work, and also don't be afraid to try new things because sometimes they really pay off.

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