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The Beautiful Stories Of Anna May 

I'm Still Thinking Of You is the latest album release from songwriter Anna May and it's beautifully stripped down sound gives a very personal feel from beginning to end. 

The record is a bright, acoustic pop portrayal of youth and the chapters of one persons life spread out across 7 inciting tracks. 

May has a natural soulfulness in her vocal style and her performance is real and passionate enough to make you wish you could see her play live in person. 

She is a storyteller and does so a little differently with each song. Dripping with detail and wonder, the album reaches the raw emotions it was written to help free from her mind. 

It's not hard to fall in love with this record and it's out cry for letting go with love and moving on the next chapter. 

Incredibly well written and brutally honest, this record is best listened to just after you wake up. Pop ear buds in, lay in bed and soak it in. 

Excellent release from an astounding up and coming songwriter.